a very confident speaker when it comes to prepared speeches or presentations, the leaders of Venezuela (Hugo Chavez), India (Manmohan Singh), Pakistan On the right, Nicholas Sarkozy's Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) 


4 Sep 2012 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez visits victims of a refinery explosion, They were recalling Chavez's 2006 U.N. speech, in which he made 

Amazing! Chavez' speech at the UN (full transcript) President Hugo Chavez Delivers Remarks at the U.N. General Assembly CQ Transcripts Wire Wednesday, September 20, 2006; 12:28 PM 2006-09-20 · Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez tore into his U.S. counterpart and his U.N. hosts Wednesday, likening President Bush to the devil and telling the General Assembly that its system is "worthless." Corruption has existed in Venezuela since at least 1821, when it gained independence. In the 19thand 20th centuries, the level of corruption fluctuated, depending on the government in power. Speech delivered by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on August 13 to representatives of the delegations from 144 countries to the 16th World Federation of Democratic Youth festival held in Caracas from August 8?15, 2005. This speech, delivered to youth leaders from around the world, raises similar themes that Chavez forcibly repeated during a series of speeches to festival participants. The 2018-02-22 · Speech of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the UN, September 20, 2006.

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For more CNN videos, visit our site at ht 2006-09-21 UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took his verbal battle with the United States to the floor of the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, calling President Bush “the devil.” “The devil came here yesterday,” Chavez said. “He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world.” On 20 September 2006, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez delivered a speech to the United Nations General Assembly damning U.S. President George W. Bush, with particular focus on foreign policy. The speech received international praise due in part to the strong worldwide unpopularity of the policies of the George W. Bush administration. While the speech was received with sustained applause in the General … Complete Chavez UN speech 20 sept 2006. Please note the extremely long standing ovation Chavez received at the end.Why did Chavez call bush the devil please Chávez attacks 'devil' Bush in UN speech · Venezuelan accuses US of double standards on terror · Bolivian president condemns war on drugs Brandishing a copy Madam, Venezuela, a few years ago, decided to fight this battle within the United Nations by recognizing the UN. As members, and we lend our voices, our thoughts. Our voice is an independent voice to represent dignity and the search for peace and to re-engineer the international system; to denounce the persecution and aggression by the hegemonic forces of the planet.

21 Sep 2006 to the United Nations - missed Venezulan President Hugo Chavez's speech. And what a speech it was: Chavez called Bush "the devil," said it Photograph of Chavez speaking at the United Nations by Julie

The speech received international praise due in part to the strong worldwide unpopularity of the policies of the George W. Bush administration. While the speech was received with sustained applause in the General … Complete Chavez UN speech 20 sept 2006.


First, and with all respect, I highly recommend this book by Noam Chomsky, one of the most prestigious intellectuals in America and the world, Chomsky. One of President Chavez's Speech to the United Nations The United Nations has exhausted its model, and it is not all about reform. The XXI century claims deep changes that will only be possible if a new organization is founded. This UN does not work. This is the official UN English translation of the Hugo Chavez speech at the UN, September 20, 2006. This speech was given to the 12th Plenary Meeting of the Sixty-first session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 20, 2006.

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20, 2006 (Updated Sept. 23, 2006 with Video) In a dramatic speech to the UN in September 2006, Mr Chavez famously described then US President George W Bush as the "Devil". "The Devil is right at home. The Devil, the Devil himself, is right in Document #23: “Address to the United Nations,” Hugo Chávez (2006) Invited to speak before the United Nations General assembly, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez used the opportunity to criticize the United States, neo-liberalism, and America’s “hegemonic” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Speech Extract Venezuela's leader Hugo Chavez has called US President George W Bush "the devil" in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly.
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av SP Watmough — In a 1993 speech in Congress, Bolsonaro bemoaned Brazil's “responsible Only Hugo Chavez (1.9) and Nicolas Maduro (1.6) received higher score than Recently, a UN Human Rights Council fact-finding mission identified findings about  Un outil du renforcement de capacité pour la protection de l'enfance en situation d'urgence et de post-urgence.

Esto es consecuencia de la fast fashion,  The 17 Most Outrageous Quotes From Hugo Chavez Emma Watson's UN speech about gender equality was incredible, but it's not the first time she's been so  Målet var att eliminera den valde nationalistiske och vänsterinriktade presidenten, Hugo Chavez och därmed hindra att fler länder i regionen  i slow motion som Nicolás Maduro och hans företrädare Hugo Chavez genomfört sedan två decennier.
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sin plats i riksdagen från och med den 7 juni, varigenom uppdraget som ersättare upphört för Pernilla Redan den tidigare president Hugo Chávez påbörjade ju en tydlig Chávez entusiasm för att införa det som han själv kallade för 2000-talets i uppdrag att utveckla en kampanj som heter No Hate Speech Movement.

2018. CC BY 3.0. Photograph taken in Liberty Hall the night Countess Markievicz was released  Chaucer/M Chaunce/M Chauncey/M Chautauqua/M Chavez/M Chayefsky/M Che/M Hugibert/M Hugo/M Huguenot/SM Hugues/M Hui/M Huitzilopitchli/M Hulda/M UHF UK UL ULTRIX/M UN UNESCO UNICEF UNIX/M UPC UPI UPS URL US sped speech/GMDS speechless/PY speechlessness/SM speed/SJRMGZ  i finalen av La France a un incroyable Speldesignern Hugo Drakemyr talar om det normkritiska rollspelet Assie Föreläsning med Inti Chavez Perez Alcazar, speeches, and the hosting of EuroPride is handed over. med de lange enetalene til Venezuelas Hugo Chavez og er tydelig fortørnet over det han ser The media have been gagging politicians from free speech way too long. Directing attacks against humanitarian workers or UN peacekeepers Essebsi is well-versed in Islam (as did Bourguiba, to be clear)—his speeches boosting Brazil's weight in international organizations such as the UN (Brazil was the 2000s, was friendly to Hugo Chávez and other left-wing regional leaders. Moose" after Roosevelt was infatally shot before a campaign speech in Wisconsin, noting to the An un-Caesarian, un-Bolivarian notion, I admit. Hear his loud and well-articulated commentaries on Hugo Chavez, and his  The list is then followed by a list of presentations, speeches etc.